I have over 25 years experience working as a humanistic integrative counsellor and psychotherapist.  In that time I have practiced both in the private and in the public sector. I have worked with adults, young people and children. My journey has taken me from an addictions counsellor to managing a young peoples counselling service, setting up a successful online service and on to specialising in play therapy.  All the while seeing private clients with a broad range of presenting issues, providing couples and group therapy,  working in occupational health and supervising other therapists.  It has been a wonderful career, a privileged career and I have gained much experience, theory and knowledge along with a toolkit of skills and techniques gathered along the way.  

Here are some of them..

MA in Psychotherapy & Counselling

Diploma in Counselling

Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Level 3 Certificate

Online Counselling Skills Training

Life Coaching Diploma with The Centre for Excellence

I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and also a member of their Coaching division. I abide by their code of ethics.

A few years ago I took a break.  I needed to step back from other peoples stories and check in with myself.  It felt very risky to do that. I was afraid I might disappear without my professional identity.  And I did disappear - a bit - in a good way. Together with my husband we found a ruin in Brittany and have spent the last few years renovating it. At the same time I have been writing and painting and travelling and learning to teach English.

Some of the things I have been doing: 

I lived in a shed at the bottom of the garden for four years until the house was ready to move into

I learnt to be a stone mason.

I ran two half marathons.

I wrote and illustrated a children's book.

With my best friend we have developed and sustain a creative therapy project in a children's centre in Vietnam

I stopped eating animal products.

I travel whenever I can, my favourite place in the world - after my shed at the bottom of the garden - is India.

I change my hairstyle often.











All the while I have never let go of my interest in people, their stories and their innate potential, but I knew deep down that I didn't want to go back into psychotherapy. I tried once or twice but it just wasn't there anymore, and yet I didn't want to waste all of the resources I had gathered. Coming to terms with that truth is one of the hardest things I have ever been through.  

I contacted a life coach.  Within the first session I realised that this was the way forward I had been waiting for. Not only because it was offering me direction but because it was a direction that immediately resonated with me.  Since that first session I have been honing my skills with the help and support of my coach towards becoming a qualified life coach. 

So here we are!  I am here for you, with all my experience, both personal and professional, to help you to find your best way forward.

2019 by Jilly Bentley MA     jillybentleyonline@hushmail.com